How to Download and Install Jetty

How to Download and Install Jetty.

Jetty Quick Start

Jetty is a full-featured, standards based, embeddable, asynchronous, enterprise scalable Java components. This tutorial provides a quick instructions for downloading, installing, and running the binary version of Jetty 6.

    1. Download Jetty

      Jetty Available Distribution is from Codehaus and Eclipse, currently the latest Jetty version is 6.1.25. You can download it from either one of the following links:
      In this Downloading and Installing Jetty tutorial, the compressed file we downloaded is Platform-independent, so Windows and Linux both can use it.

    2. Unpack Jetty file(

      You should get the following file structure:

    • bin                   utility scripts and executables
    • contexts        Deployment directory for context descriptors
    • contrib           Source modules for optional jetty packages in the jetty-contrib repository, which has a larger more open group of committers
    • etc                   Configuration files
    • examples      Example projects
    • extras             Source modules for optional jetty packages in the main jetty repository.
    • javadoc          Generated javadoc
    • lib                     Generated libraries
    • LICENSES      License
    • logs                  Request log and server log files
    • modules         Source modules for core jetty packages
    • patches           Optional patches for source modules
    • pom.xml         Build configuration for maven
    • project-website    Project Website
    • README.txt          This file
    • resources        Directory for resources to include on classpath
    • start.jar            Start jar for jetty
    • VERSION.txt         Version history
    • webapps                   Deployment directory for standard webapps
  2. Startup Jetty

    Locate to directory bin, double-click Jetty-Service.exe to startup Jetty (if you use older version, please use command java -jar start.jar to install and startup Jetty).

Verify it

In the browser, enter the URL http://localhost:8080/ to check whether we have installed Jetty successfully.

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