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Hi, My name is Jammy and I am a Java developer, my fascination with computers started at 15 and is not giving any signs of fading any time soon. I’m currently working on a secret and famed project which will be revealed some time in early 2011. In free time I have also contributed to Java Community Process standards and open source under Apache. My interests cover all aspects of software engineering, ranging from object-oriented programming. I’d like to raise some best practices on programming languages, user interfaces. My aim is to product high-quality codes and creative ideas.

This is my weblog (http://www.asjava.com). We regularly discuss a wide array of java-related topics, and share Java, JDBC, Webservice, Swing, Tomcat, Spring, Struts, Hibernate tutorials in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. I guess you might be a Java developer, Project manager, tester or even I don’t know, you will find a big fun when you reads the tutorials and solutions.

Everything are here for you. I really do want to communicate with all of you, not only in Java tutorial, technology and programming, as well as lifestyle, sports, travel and etc. Any suggestions, comments and concerns please directly contact me by the contact form, or send email to jammycc dot gmail.com.

It doesn’t make a long time I wrote articles in English, so you might find some terrible grammars. I am really appreciated if you can let me know. 

Thank You So Much…

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