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How Do I Create Keystore with Ant

A Java KeyStore (JKS) is a repository of security certificates, either authorization certificates, self-authentication certificates(where the user authenticates himself/herself to other users/services) or public key certificates. In this tutorial, we guide you how to create keystore in Ant and in next tutorial soon about how to sign Java jars using the keystore we just created.

How Do I Create Temporary File with Ant

Ant provides task ‘Tempfile’ to create temporary file, unlike, this task does not actually create a real temporary file in disk system(unless you ask it to), it just sets a property to the name of a temporary file which you can later create a file or dir.

How Do I Create File with Ant

Ant provides task ‘Touch’ to create file and extensively set modification time of either newly created or any existing resources, it is even able to copy the modification time from old file to new created one, this task creates an empty file without content included, it can have any file name and suffix name as you specified. Example to create […]

How Do I Create Directory with Ant

1. Create directory with Ant To creates a directory, you can simply use ant task Mkdir to create the full tree of directories, when have non-existent parent directories they will be created directly, does nothing if the directory already exist. <mkdir dir=”c:/asjava”/> Creates a directory asjava in disk C. <mkdir dir=”C:/asjava/lib”/>